Summer Course in St Just

The Taoist Arts Summer Course 2014 at St Just Sports Centre is three weeks of Tai Chi, Feng Shou Kung Fu and Anmo chi energy meridian massage and Chinese Medicine starting on 28th July. The course is open to everyone and is 10am – 5pm each day, lunch 1-2pm. Price £35 per day, £150 per week.

Tai Chi week 28th July – 1st August.

The T’ai Chi week is ideal for beginners, it’s a great way to work with more experienced people from the clubs around the country and also meet other beginners from the local area. The course is equivalent to six months training plus there will also be a chance to cover some of the more advanced techniques we do not always have time to go over in the evenings for example T’ai Chi weapons. The course includes Tao Yin or deep breathing exercises, Tiaowu or T’ai Chi dance, partner work like sticky hands and exercises to develop the use of chi, Kai Men or open door chi gung, and the T’ai Chi form. The weapons training is a traditional exercise which has an extended range of movement and also helps you to project energy outside the body. The Tai Chi weapons are a straight double edged sword, a staff, a silk and a fan. There are new forms to master and partners exercises too.

tai chi sword form

Feng Shou week 4th August – 8th August.

Feng Shou kung fu is a soft but very effective style of self defence training. Based on the same Taoist principles as Tai Chi but concentrating exclusively on the self defence aspects of the Art it is a practical style suitable for both men and women of any age or level of ability. We do not use physical strength but concentrate on developing the Chi or internal energy. There is no demanding physical exercise regime and we develop flexibility and agility emphasizing technique and strategy over muscle power. We will also be working on the kung fu weapons forms which include a Chinese broadsword, staff and chopsticks. There are exercises to develop your ability to defend against all kinds of attacks including strikes, kicks and grappling.

feng shou kung fu - distance laquer

Anmo health and massage week 11th – 15th August

Please note the massage week is at Boswedden House near Cape Cornwall.

Anmo is a Chinese health art involving improving the flow of the life force or chi energy by gentle massage techniques using the jingluo or chi energy meridians.

These meridians supply the essential life energy that nurtures and regenerates the entire body. They connect the organs with the rest of the body supplying chi and vital essences. This kind of massage aids recovery from a wide range of illnesses and is based on preventative medicine so it also improves your level of disease resistance. Our approach is based on five areas including massage, Chang Ming long life diet, herbs, breathing exercises and contact thermogenesis.

At the end of each week social activities include our beach party at Sennen Cove beach.

sennen beach summer Course

If you are interested you can book in to the course on our main website.

If you have any questions you can email us or chat to us on our Facebook page.