Tai Chi classes in West Cornwall Autumn term 2016


Tai Chi at Heartlands Community Hall

Autumn term 2016 Tai Chi classes

Rachel’s classes are starting back next week:

Monday evenings at Helston’s Old Cattle Market 7:30-9pm starts 5th September

Wednesday evenings at Heartlands Community Hall 7:30-9pm starts 7th September

Monday evenings at Praa Sands Community centre 5:30-7pm starts 12th September


Rachel has been teaching Tai Chi for more than twenty years and was a student of Professor Chee Soo. Our evening classes are suitable for both men and women of any age because there’s no strenuous physical activity involved. Our Tai Chi and Qigong exercises are flowing movements usually from a standing position and are designed to increase the flow of vital energies in the body which improve balance, flexibility and boost the immune system and give protection against many common diseases. Tai Chi was developed in ancient China as a health exercise and a form of preventative medicine and a moving kind of meditation. Why not come along to one of our classes and see how you feel afterwards?

You can talk to Rachel about her class on 01736 785826

The price is £6 per week

Rachel’s classes are part of the TCAA which is a non profit making Association