Tai Chi and pain relief – ITN Tonight documentary

An ITN film crew came to our Summer Course in Cornwall this year to film us for an ITN Tonight documentary on pain relief. You can see the Tai Chi in the last five minutes of the programme.

We went down to Sennen Cove first thing in the morning to do some T’ai Chi and warming up exercises for the course and they interviewed some of our students.

The documentary is about opioids which are prescription drugs given out by doctors to help people with long term pain. Unfortunately although these are very good in the short term, but when they are used for longer periods they become less effective and can lead to addiction and a variety of unpleasant symptoms. However some people have found that more natural methods can be effective to help people manage their pain and T’ai Chi is one of these methods. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine long term pain can be caused by obstructions in the energy meridians which choke the flow of Chi or life force. T’ai Chi exercises can really help to improve the flow of Chi and so people feel less pain. T’ai Chi also helps the body and mind to regenerate more quickly and so in the long term the amount of pain suffered is reduced and so overall less side effects are experienced.

If you are interested in looking at some alternative approach to pain relief then have a look at our Association’s main website and see if there is a class or course near you.