Tai Chi day at Heartlands

Cornwall Tai Chi will be hosting a day of T’ai Chi at the Heartlands Hall on

Saturday 12th October 10am to 5pm (lunch 1-2pm)

The cost will be £45 (£40 if you book in advance/ £25 half day)

  • 10am – Morning session starts: we begin with some warming up exercises followed by deep breathing to activate the internal energy. Tai Chi is not a physical form of exercise but develops a store of Qi or internal energy sometimes called the life-force, deep breathing is an important component in activating this kind of energy. We then go on to learning a sequence of flowing movements called Tai Chi dance which stimulates energy at the start of the class, this works by relaxing the physical body and opening the energy meridians and concentrating the mind. The energy tends to flow where the mind goes so learning these movements gets energy to flow around the entire body including the internal organs which generate energy.
  • 11:30am – Tea break, tea will be available
  • 11:45am – Partner work. Learning how to overcome stress is one of the most important factors in learning to relax and promote the free-flowing of energy in the body. Stress burns up too much energy and causes the body to age too quickly so we take practical steps to deal with it through partner exercises like sticky hands. You make contact with your partner’s arms and move in a circular fashion gently testing each other’s balance. With practice you learn how to relax and not tense when someone is pushing you, this skill can then be transferred into a host of other situations, even self-defence training.
  • 1-2pm – Lunch break. Bring a packed lunch or you can go to the nearby Red River Cafe.
  • 2-3:30pm – Qigong exercises and energy exercises in pairs.
  • 3:30pm – Afternoon tea break.
  • 3:45-5pm – T’ai Chi form. A meditative sequence of slow movements.

You can see some videos of our courses and classes and the various exercises we learn in T’ai Chi on our Youtube channel.

Heartlands Tai Chi Day Course


We will be doing another Tai Chi day at Heartlands this term on Saturday 7th February 10am – 5pm.

Everyone from our classes in West Cornwall is welcome including beginners.

The course will be held at Heartlands Chi An Bobel community hall which you can see on the right of the picture above.

There will be tea provided plus there’s the Red River Cafe where you can have a hot lunch or bring your own packed lunch if you prefer.

For more details you can talk to us at the Healing Light festival Tai Chi information stall on 24th-25th January or ring 01736 785826 or mobile 07730399389

Directions to Heartlands


Heartlands Healing light festival 24th/25th January 2015


Tao Yin - deep breathing

Tao Yin – deep breathing

There will be a Tai Chi information stall plus a weekend of demos and taster sessions so come along if you want to meet some of the teachers from the local classes or have a look at our online resources.


Heartlands Healing Light festival

P1000222We will be doing a Tai Chi information stall and free sessions at Heartlands Healing Light Festival on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September 2014.

Beginners are welcome, come along and give it a try.

How to get to Heartlands


Kung Fu Sunday in St Just Sports Centre


We are doing a day of Kung Fu at the Sports Centre in St Just on Sunday 24th November, 10am-4pm.

T’ai Chi Day Course in Penzance


This term there will be a day of T’ai Chi on Saturday 23rd November hosted by the Penzance club at St Mary’s School in Redinnick place from 10am to 5pm.

The day course is open to beginners and advanced students from our clubs in the Penwith area.

It’s a chance to meet some of the other people who do Lee style T’ai Chi in the area, and we can also have a look at the forms in more depth, in fact a day course is equivalent to four weeks training at an evening class.

We will also be able to look at some of the sensitivity training and chi development exercises we dont always have to time to practise in an evening class.

You will also be able to train with other teachers and advanced students from the area and we usually have some students from Newquay and the clubs in Devon who come down to Penzance for the day.

Lunch is 1-2pm, the cost is £30 per day, unwaged half price.


There will also be a Kung Fu day course on the Sunday in St Just.