Summer Course in St Just 2020

The Taoist Arts Summer Course is at the St Just Sports centre in West Cornwall.

T’ai Chi Week: Monday the 27th until Friday 31st July 2020
Kung Fu week: Monday 3rd August – Friday 7th August 2020
Health & Massage Week : Monday 10th August – Friday 14th August 2020

The course is open to beginners, intermediate and advanced students of the Lee style. Many of our advanced students and teachers attend the courses so it’s a good opportunity to benefit from their experience as there is a high ratio of teachers to students, which means plenty of opportunities to work with a teacher on an individual basis.

Those who are travelling to the course from a distance may want to reserve accommodation which costs between; £220-£260 per week, depending on availability. The earlier you book the better value accommodation can be reserved for you.

  • £40 per day (pay on the day)
  • book and pay in advance for a full week for £175 and save £25 per week.
  • Book all three weeks of the summer course and pay in advance for £475 and save £125

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T’ai Chi Course

Monday the 27th until Friday 31st July 2020

A week long course which covers the full range of T’ai Chi Ch’uan forms and partner exercises, Kai Men qigong and traditional weapons forms including stick, sword, fan and silk.

This course is an ideal opportunity to go into the various aspects of the Art in more depth.  There’s plenty of high quality help on hand to give you the kind of guided personal development that you need as an individual. Plus there’s also a chance to train with many of the students from around the country who are at your own level and share information and training tips you have picked up along the way at your local class. And of course it’s a great opportunity to get to know the other members of the group in a relaxed environment free from external distractions with ample opportunities for social events and other activities. Many of you will find familiar faces from your own local regions but there’s also a chance to meet new people. You can also be assessed – if you wish -by the senior teachers, which is a great way to pin-point the areas you need to work on when you get back home.

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Feng Shou Course

Monday 3rd August – Friday 7th August 2020

Although T’ai Chi Ch’uan is within itself the most powerful method of self-defence, it is not always practical for everyone to wait the ten or more years necessary to develop the required level of skills. Feng Shou kung fu is orientated around learning a soft style self defence method in it’s essence. It is a practical method but does not require the kind of brute physical strength or demanding physical exercise regime more commonly associated with Martial Arts training because it utilises the dynamic power of Chi or what the Chinese know as ‘internal energy’.

This week long course will give the beginner a thorough grounding in the basics of the Art and for the more advanced students there will be plenty of opportunity to practise what you have been learning at the weekend and evening courses in your area as well as learning the advanced forms, evasion sets, foot-flow patterns, rollaway techniques and so on and so forth. There will be a grading for those who wish to be assessed at the end of the week.

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Anmo, Health & Massage Course

Monday 10th August – Friday 14th August 2020

at Boswedden House

‘Anmo’ or Chinese Massage is based upon entirely different concepts and principles to the kind of massage and therapy which we are commonly familiar with in the West.

The course consists in a programme of practical work with partners under the supervision of a teacher to practise and learn the basic massage techniques. There will also be daily seminars about the basic concepts of Chinese medicine as outlined below. The course is essential for anyone who is interested in taking their T’ai Chi onto an advanced level, but is also suitable for anyone who is looking at alternative ways to aid the body’s defences and ability to regenerate itself and recover from diseases as well as build a stronger immune system.

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