Tai Chi Easter Course 2020

Monday 6th April – Friday 10th April 2020

St Just Sports Centre, Cape Cornwall Road, St Just

  • £40 per day (pay on the day)
  • book a full week for £175 and save £25 (pay in advance)

The Easter Course is a five day course in Cornwall which is suitable for both beginners and advanced students of Lee style Tai Chi. Accommodation is available on request. The course covers the full range of T’ai Chi Ch’uan dance and form and partner exercises, Kai Men qigong and traditional weapons forms including stick, sword, fan and silk.

We have designed this course to cover all the aspects of Tai Chi as taught to us by Chee Soo including the Tai Chi form, Tiao wu (Tai Chi dance), partner exercises, and weapons forms and techniques including staff, sword, fan and silk. Our advanced students and teachers will be attending the course so it’s a good way to benefit from their experience as there is a high ratio of teachers to students. So there’s plenty of high quality instructors and assistants on hand to give you the kind of guided personal development that you need as an individual. Plus there’s also a chance to train with many of the students from around the country who are at your own level and share information and training tips you have picked up along the way at your local class. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the other members of the group in a relaxed environment free from external distractions with ample opportunities for social events and other activities. You can be assessed – if you wish -by the senior teachers, which is a great way to pin-point the areas you need guidance on when you get back home.

The Course is held at St Just Sports Centre, if you want somewhere to stay we can find cottages in the local area for you, but don’t leave it too late to book, you will be sharing with other people from the group. If you want to find your own accommodation make sure you do it in plenty of time. We can help you with this if you like or you can just use the internet or look for an airBnB.

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