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Have you wondered why people with underlying health issues are hit so badly but other people, especially young people, come through unscathed? What are vaccines doing and do they work? Is my vaccine good against the next variant which could be coming next week? It could already be here for all we know.

Vaccines are not a magic bullet they rely entirely on the underlying power of your own immune system. The real secret to beating the pandemic is to boost the immune system yourself using natural methods and never have to rely on doctors and experimental medicines again. Tai Chi is a proven method that has been developed over the centuries and is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. These exercises boost your store of Qi or life force and can improve your ability to fight off a wide range of diseases including the coronavirus.

We have a team of professional and experienced teachers and a program of classes available each day with direct contact and instructions suited to your own pace of development, you can train up to three times a day every day or just drop in when your schedule allows it’s entirely up to you.

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