Tai Chi Elements software

Using the latest motion capture technology and a 3d games engine we are developing an online training project that will enable you to become a T’ai Chi master in the comfort of your own home. Primarily aimed at students who are attending classes it will also be suitable for people who don’t have access to a T’ai Chi class locally.

It features motion captured movements from real T’ai Chi masters which are then used to drive 3d animated models in an online virtual world, and there are additional features that we have added that will help to reproduce as many aspects as possible from the T’ai Chi class environment. So that you can get proper feedback there will be fully qualified T’ai Chi masters populating the game world on hand to give you advice and guide your progress. You can also upload videos of your own training for assessment and be graded up to master grade just like in a real T’ai Chi class. We are also developing an interface that will allow you to compare your own movements with the 3d models to help you improve more quickly. You can train any time of the night or day as often as you like, you don’t have to wait for your weekly T’ai Chi session, and you can still stay in contact with T’ai Chi students and experienced teachers from all over the world.

If you are interested in joining the project and helping us in the early testing stages please sign up at www.taichielements.com

This project is being developed in West Cornwall.