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  • Easter course in St Ives

    Easter course in St Ives

    1st-5th April at St John’s-in-the fields church, Parc an Stamps, Saint Ives TR26 2FB Accommodation is available if you book early Contact us Easter Course map Our Easter Course last year in the stunning new venue at the St-john’s-in-the-fields church in St Ives was such a success we are doing it all over again this…

  • Sticky hands

    Sticky hands

    Sticky Hands, also known as Yīfù shǒu (依附手) is a fundamental exercise in Lee Style Tai Chi that is taught to beginners as a way to introduce them to the principles of Tai Chi and to prepare them for more advanced techniques. While some may see Sticky Hands as a simple exercise, it is actually…

  • Kai Men means open the door

    Kai Men means open the door

    Kai Men Qigong is a series of exercises in Lee style Tai Chi that emphasizes the principles of Qi, the vital life force in Chinese medicine. In this blog post, we’ll explore what Qi is, how it’s related to Chinese medical principles, why qigong is popular as a health exercise, and how Kai Men Qigong…