Summer term 2021 course at Heartlands

Rachel will be starting her Summer term course at Heartlands on Tuesday 15th June through to 20th July, the course is six weeks from 7pm to 8:30pm each Tuesday evening.

You can pay per class (£8) when you arrive or save money by booking all six weeks in advance for £42.

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Autumn term classes starting in September


Autumn term T’ai Chi classes are starting from 1st September at Helston’s Old Cattle Market.

The St Just club starts on Thursday 4th September at the Methodist Hall in Chapel Road.

The Helston Monday evening class is from 7:30-9pm every Monday evening, the cost will be £6 per class. The daytime class has shifted from Tuesday to Wednesday morning from 10:30am – midday. Here’s some pictures from Cornwall T’ai Chi cub members summer activities in the local area.

Summer Course in St Just

The Taoist Arts Summer Course 2014 at St Just Sports Centre is three weeks of Tai Chi, Feng Shou Kung Fu and Anmo chi energy meridian massage and Chinese Medicine starting on 28th July. The course is open to everyone and is 10am – 5pm each day, lunch 1-2pm. Price £35 per day, £150 per week.

Tai Chi week 28th July – 1st August.

The T’ai Chi week is ideal for beginners, it’s a great way to work with more experienced people from the clubs around the country and also meet other beginners from the local area. The course is equivalent to six months training plus there will also be a chance to cover some of the more advanced techniques we do not always have time to go over in the evenings for example T’ai Chi weapons. The course includes Tao Yin or deep breathing exercises, Tiaowu or T’ai Chi dance, partner work like sticky hands and exercises to develop the use of chi, Kai Men or open door chi gung, and the T’ai Chi form. The weapons training is a traditional exercise which has an extended range of movement and also helps you to project energy outside the body. The Tai Chi weapons are a straight double edged sword, a staff, a silk and a fan. There are new forms to master and partners exercises too.

tai chi sword form

Feng Shou week 4th August – 8th August.

Feng Shou kung fu is a soft but very effective style of self defence training. Based on the same Taoist principles as Tai Chi but concentrating exclusively on the self defence aspects of the Art it is a practical style suitable for both men and women of any age or level of ability. We do not use physical strength but concentrate on developing the Chi or internal energy. There is no demanding physical exercise regime and we develop flexibility and agility emphasizing technique and strategy over muscle power. We will also be working on the kung fu weapons forms which include a Chinese broadsword, staff and chopsticks. There are exercises to develop your ability to defend against all kinds of attacks including strikes, kicks and grappling.

feng shou kung fu - distance laquer

Anmo health and massage week 11th – 15th August

Please note the massage week is at Boswedden House near Cape Cornwall.

Anmo is a Chinese health art involving improving the flow of the life force or chi energy by gentle massage techniques using the jingluo or chi energy meridians.

These meridians supply the essential life energy that nurtures and regenerates the entire body. They connect the organs with the rest of the body supplying chi and vital essences. This kind of massage aids recovery from a wide range of illnesses and is based on preventative medicine so it also improves your level of disease resistance. Our approach is based on five areas including massage, Chang Ming long life diet, herbs, breathing exercises and contact thermogenesis.

At the end of each week social activities include our beach party at Sennen Cove beach.

sennen beach summer Course

If you are interested you can book in to the course on our main website.

If you have any questions you can email us or chat to us on our Facebook page.


Helston Day Class on the midsummer solstice

The Helston club will be hosting a day of T’ai Chi on Saturday 21st June at the Old Cattle Market in Helston.

The course is from 10am to 5pm with lunch 1-2pm, tea will be available bring a packed lunch or there is a cafe at the boating lake nearby.

The cost is £40 for the day.

This course is suitable for beginners and advanced students and is recommended for all the students attending our clubs in West Cornwall. It’s a chance for you to go over your forms and exercises in much more depth and also meet up with some of the other students in the local area. We will be starting with some gentle warming up exercises and then some Chi Gung to open the energy meridian pathways followed by our Tiaowu 跳舞 or T’ai Chi dance which is a light and flowing sequence of movements based on the five elements or Wu Xing 五行. We will also be doing some partner exercises to teach you the difference between physical strength, chi or internal energy and Li which is external or macro-cosmic energy. We will also be practising the T’ai Chi form which is a set of moving meditation sequences. If you want to practise some of the forms at home you can copy them from the youtube videos on this link.

Trelissick Gardens Health and Wellbeing expo


Trelissick Gardens Health and Wellbeing expo
Saturday 24th May – 12noon
Sunday 25th May – 4pm
Book here now if you want to attend the free Tai Chi sessions.
Cornwall tai Chi will be holding Tai Chi taster sessions on the activities green.
You can come along and join in the free classes and have an opportunity to talk to the teachers and find out about the online training, and group courses we have on offer in West Cornwall.

Healing Light Festival at Heartlands 10th-11th May


We will be doing Tai Chi taster sessions and information stall at Heartlands at Poole in Camborne 10th-11th May weekend, you can come along and join in the free classes or talk to the teachers, look at the books we publish, or watch some of our videos of classes, online training, and courses we have on offer in Cornwall.

Tai Chi Easter Course 2014


A week of Tai Chi in an officially designated area of outstanding natural beauty.

St Just Sports’ centre

Cape Cornwall Road, St Just, Cornwall TR19 7JX

Monday 14th – Friday 18th April 2014 10am-5pm

Costs £30 per day

The week long Tai Chi course is equivalent to six months of evening classes.

This course is an ideal way to boost your development by training with advanced students and teachers from our classes around the UK in a relaxed and friendly environment.

If you are travelling from outside the local area and require accommodation please fill in the booking form.

T’ai Chi in St Just

A new teacher from the Association Martin Mellett has moved to the area from the Midlands and is living in St Just and now he’s thinking about opening a club here.

St Just has been the focus of our group’s activities in the West Penwith area since we started regular classes here in 2005 with our week long Easter Course in St Just Sports’ Centre.

Summer Course

Our first Summer Course in St Just in Cornwall in July 2006

We had been doing our Courses at Warwick school when it turned out we had been double booked at Easter. I was in the bath and had a Eureka moment, why not do the course in Cornwall? We had been coming to Cornwall regularly for many years since our tent blew down in a Hurricane in Devon and we had been toying with the idea of moving our activities in this direction for a long time. I remember when asking my teacher questions he would often say ‘try it’, so we decided to pilot the idea and it was an enormous success. For those of you who have been doing T’ai Chi for a long time you will know there is a certain sort of boost which you get from the exercises. T’ai Chi is based on the theory of Chinese Medicine, and the Chinese say that we have a store of Chi or life force inside us, T’ai Chi and also K’ai Men Chi Gung exercises help us increase the capacity and flow of that energy.

The effect of these kinds of exercises over a long period of time is not only more energy overall but once the energy starts to flow around the ‘jingluo’ or lines of meridians in the body it can unlock potentials which have lain dormant. These are primitive abilities which everyone has within them and they go back to the times when we were living in the forest much closer to Nature. You maybe have wondered why animals have much greater range to their senses than we have, seeing, smelling, and hearing much more than we can. Well there was a time when we also had the enhanced acuity we see in Nature. In fact those of us who have pets may have noticed that animals seem to sense things that we cannot, almost as if they have a kind of sixth sense, they know that something is about to happen. Well T’ai Chi training is an ancient kind of practise which can be used to awaken these kinds of dormant abilities within us, they are not something we have lost, but Nature has put them into storage should we every need them again, it is only by training that we can awaken them. Although this might seem miraculous to some people in actual fact it is only a Natural thing, and it is because Taoist training goes back over many thousands of years that these kinds of training abilities have been preserved for anyone’s potential to cultivate them provided they have the dedication for regular practice and the open- mindedness to pursue such a goal.

Well the point is that once we started training in the West Penwith area we soon discovered something remarkable, that there is some special property to this region which enhances this kind of training by a considerable percentage, in fact it doubles the ability to use and store energy. What this means in effect is that training time is reduced. This is very important for beginners, because the average westerner may find it takes several months for the effects of the exercises to kick in, some people may give up thinking nothing is happening whereas in fact it’s necessary for their energy levels to recharge to a certain point before anything happens, a bit like recharging your mobile phones. Some say it’s the ley lines, some say it’s a property of the light, or the relaxed attitude of the people, whatever it is for those of us who are dedicated to their T’ai Chi practice it’s worth more than Gold.

Kung Fu Sunday in St Just Sports Centre


We are doing a day of Kung Fu at the Sports Centre in St Just on Sunday 24th November, 10am-4pm.

T’ai Chi Day Course in Penzance


This term there will be a day of T’ai Chi on Saturday 23rd November hosted by the Penzance club at St Mary’s School in Redinnick place from 10am to 5pm.

The day course is open to beginners and advanced students from our clubs in the Penwith area.

It’s a chance to meet some of the other people who do Lee style T’ai Chi in the area, and we can also have a look at the forms in more depth, in fact a day course is equivalent to four weeks training at an evening class.

We will also be able to look at some of the sensitivity training and chi development exercises we dont always have to time to practise in an evening class.

You will also be able to train with other teachers and advanced students from the area and we usually have some students from Newquay and the clubs in Devon who come down to Penzance for the day.

Lunch is 1-2pm, the cost is £30 per day, unwaged half price.


There will also be a Kung Fu day course on the Sunday in St Just.