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  • Summer Solstice Tai Chi

    Summer Solstice Tai Chi

    The Falmouth T’ai Chi club is hosting a Summer term Day of T’ai Chi on Saturday 22nd June 11am to 4pm The Zedshed, Jubilee Wharf, Commercial Road, Penryn TR10 8FG This Day is open to everyone who wants to find out what Tai Chi is all about whether it is your first time or for…

  • What is Tai Chi?

    What is Tai Chi?

    Tai Chi is a practice that emphasizes the integration of mind, body, and spirit. Its slow and gentle movements are performed in a continuous and fluid manner. It promotes the cultivation and circulation of Qi, the vital energy that flows within the body, which nourishes the internal organs and promotes health and well-being. Tai Chi…

  • Sticky hands

    Sticky hands

    Sticky Hands, also known as Yīfù shǒu (依附手) is a fundamental exercise in Lee Style Tai Chi that is taught to beginners as a way to introduce them to the principles of Tai Chi and to prepare them for more advanced techniques. While some may see Sticky Hands as a simple exercise, it is actually…