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  • A  day Of Tai Chi At The Zed Shed.

    A day Of Tai Chi At The Zed Shed.

    The Falmouth T’ai Chi club is hosting an Autumn term day of T’ai Chi on Sunday 26th November 11am to 4pm at The Zedshed, Jubilee Wharf, Commercial Road, Penryn TR10 8FG This Day is open to everyone who wants to try it and see ….

  • Tai Chi and memory

    Tai Chi and memory

    Tai Chi and Memory: The Ancient Art of Enhancing Cognitive Function A new study finds that Tai Chi has a proven effect on cognitive decline. In our fast-paced world, maintaining a sharp and vibrant memory is a top priority for many. As we age, our cognitive abilities often experience a natural decline, leading to memory…

  • Daily training

    Daily training

    Explore Our Daily Training YouTube Playlists Embark on a journey of self-improvement with our range of options: Video Quality Options – Dive into the immersive world of 4k panoramic 360° videos, allowing you to explore exercises from various angles. – If your bandwidth is limited, you can choose HD videos for a smoother viewing experience.…

  • Tai Chi diversity

    Tai Chi diversity

    For many in the West, the image of Tai Chi often conjures up a group of elderly Chinese individuals practicing fluid movements in a park at dawn. This perception, while partly true, is deeply rooted in historical contexts and doesn’t give justice to the art’s universality and extensive benefits. So, is Tai Chi just for…

  • Tai Chi and pain relief

    Tai Chi and pain relief

    Are you tired of living with chronic pain? Seeking a natural, holistic approach to pain relief that doesn’t rely on medication with potential side effects? Look no further than Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese practice rooted in the principles of Chinese medicine. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Tai Chi can be your path…

  • Tai Chi and trauma

    Tai Chi and trauma

    Tai Chi, a centuries-old Chinese martial art, has evolved as a healing practice that combines gentle movements, meditation, and deep breathing. Today, many are turning to this ancient art not just for its physical benefits, but for its profound therapeutic effects, particularly in the realm of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Understanding Trauma and…

  • Summer Course in Cornwall

    Summer Course in Cornwall

    Anmo Health And Massage Week Monday 7th to Friday 11th August 2023 at The Knut, Rear of 1-4 Market StreetSt Just in Penwith, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 7HX Book now

  • Daoyin


    In the realm of ancient Chinese practices for achieving wellness and balance, Daoyin stands as a profound and transformative art form. Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy, Daoyin encompasses a diverse range of movements, breathing techniques, and mental exercises aimed at promoting health, cultivating energy, and harmonizing the body and mind. This blog…

  • Yuan Shen – original spirit

    Yuan Shen – original spirit

    This painting by Ming Dynasty artist Guo Shu depicts Fuxi, a God-like figure from China’s creation myths, holding a twig and studying the Shao Yang diagram he just created, which represents Autumn. Fuxi, who worked in partnership with his sister Nüwa, is shown wearing a coat and skirt made of animal furs and leaves, with…

  • Strengthening Immunity

    Strengthening Immunity

    How come some people never get sick and can weather the strongest onslaught nature has to offer, yet others crawl into bed at the slightest sniffle or worse, succumb to a virus and get seriously ill? Of course, the answer is immunity, conferred by Nature, but sometimes our immunity is weak, sometimes strong. The question…

  • Liezi


    Before Laozi was Zhuangzi, before Zhuangzi was Liezi. The teachings of Liezi, a Taoist philosopher and writer who lived during China’s Warring States period, remain as relevant and insightful as ever, offering us a valuable source of wisdom and guidance for navigating the complexities and challenges of the modern world. This post explores the life…

  • Zhuangzi


    Zhuangzi (莊子), also known as Zhuang Zhou, was one of the most influential Taoist sages in Chinese history. He lived during the Warring States period (475-221 BCE) and is considered one of the founders of Taoism. His work, the Zhuangzi, is a collection of stories and parables that explore the nature of reality, the meaning…

  • Laozi


    Tai Chi is a practice deeply rooted in Taoist philosophy, and one of the most influential figures in Taoism is Laozi, the supposed founder of the philosophy. Although Laozi himself was never claiming to be the originator of this philosophy but was merely building on the work of those who had gone before him. Laozi…

  • FAQ


    Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Tai Chi along with their answers: General Questions Tai Chi Practice Tai Chi Techniques Tai Chi Styles Tai Chi Instructors Conclusion Tai Chi is a wonderful practice for both physical and mental health and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. With the…

  • The Science of Tai Chi: Research and Evidence

    The Science of Tai Chi: Research and Evidence

    Tai Chi is a form of soft internal style martial arts that has gained widespread popularity across the world in recent years. It is a low-impact, meditative practice that has been found to have numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Many people may be drawn to Tai Chi due to its reputation for reducing stress…

  • Top ten reasons for doing Tai Chi

    Top ten reasons for doing Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that has become popular worldwide for its numerous health benefits. With its gentle, flowing movements, Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise that is suitable for people of all ages and both men and women of all fitness levels. In this blog post, we will explore the top…

  • BBC Radio Cornwall

    BBC Radio Cornwall

    We were invited BBC radio Cornwall in Truro last night to talk about our experiences as students and teachers of Tai Chi on the Tiffany Truscott show.

  • What is Tai Chi?

    What is Tai Chi?

    Tai Chi is a practice that emphasizes the integration of mind, body, and spirit. Its slow and gentle movements are performed in a continuous and fluid manner. It promotes the cultivation and circulation of Qi, the vital energy that flows within the body, which nourishes the internal organs and promotes health and well-being. Tai Chi…