Spring term Tai Chi 2017 in West Cornwall

Tai Chi on the beach at Sennen Summer Course warmup

We did some warming up before the Summer Course each day on Sennen beach.

Posted by Cornwall Tai Chi on Thursday, 5 January 2017

Our Tai Chi and Qigong classes in West Cornwall are suitable for both men and women of all ages. They are good for your health and help you relax and cope with stress. All our classes are open to beginners and you can drop into the class at any time during the term you don’t have to book in advance. Our teachers in West Cornwall are well qualified with many years of teaching experience. Click on the links below to find out more details about your local class. If you are interested in a new Tai Chi class in your area please contact us.

The Penzance club will be reopening on Tuesday 3rd January at Inner Space in Newlyn

Praa sands Tai Chi group  – Monday 9th January at Praa Sands Community Centre

Helston Tai Chi club  – Monday 9th January at The Old Cattle Market

Heartlands Tai Chi club  – Wednesday 11th January at Heartlands in Pool




A day of Tai Chi at Inner Space in Newlyn

Our Autumn term Tai Chi day in West Cornwall will be at Inner Space in Newlyn near Penzance on Saturday 15th October 10am to 5pm, lunch will be 1-2pm bring a packed munch, tea will be available.

Price £40 (concessions £20)

There is only pedestrian access to Inner Space but you can park in the harbour car park or Chywoone hill, there is also parking in The Strand although you will have to check exactly what the restrictions are regarding the permitted time for parking at what times and on which days.


A new venue and a new teacher for T’ai Chi in Penzance

Early morning Tai Chi at Sennen Cove

Now that Rachel is concentrating on teaching at Heartlands, Praa Sands and Helston, Justin Knight will be teaching the Penzance club this term.

Justin has been a T’ai Chi teacher for more than ten years and started teaching at Earlsdon in Coventry. You can contact him on 07792 380444.

The Penzance club now has a new venue due to the sad demise of Bolitho school, it’s at Inner Space which is at the Old Newlyn School in Wesley Place near the harbour and sea front.

Inner Space has a spacious hall with a wooden floor.

The class at Penzance will be open every Tuesday evening at 6pm to 7:30 starting on 4th October 2016.

Tai Chi classes in West Cornwall Autumn term 2016


Tai Chi at Heartlands Community Hall

Autumn term 2016 Tai Chi classes

Rachel’s classes are starting back next week:

Monday evenings at Helston’s Old Cattle Market 7:30-9pm starts 5th September

Wednesday evenings at Heartlands Community Hall 7:30-9pm starts 7th September

Monday evenings at Praa Sands Community centre 5:30-7pm starts 12th September


Rachel has been teaching Tai Chi for more than twenty years and was a student of Professor Chee Soo. Our evening classes are suitable for both men and women of any age because there’s no strenuous physical activity involved. Our Tai Chi and Qigong exercises are flowing movements usually from a standing position and are designed to increase the flow of vital energies in the body which improve balance, flexibility and boost the immune system and give protection against many common diseases. Tai Chi was developed in ancient China as a health exercise and a form of preventative medicine and a moving kind of meditation. Why not come along to one of our classes and see how you feel afterwards?

You can talk to Rachel about her class on 01736 785826

The price is £6 per week

Rachel’s classes are part of the TCAA which is a non profit making Association

Summer Course 2016 in St Just


A day of Tai Chi in Helston on Saturday 9th July


This term’s day course in Cornwall will be on the 9th July 10am to 5pm at the Old Cattle Market, Porthleven Road, Helston TR13 0SR.

The course is open to beginners and to all our intermediate and advanced students in Cornwall and the South West.

Lunch will be 1-2pm bring a packed lunch, tea will be available.

£40/concessions £20

Easter Course 2016 in St Just

Is it a bird, is it a plane?

Is it a bird, is it a plane?

The Tai Chi 2016 Easter Course will be held at the St Just Sports Centre in Cape Cornwall Road.

There will be five days of T’ai Chi, and Qigong starting on Monday 28th March to Friday 1st April 2016.

Each day will be from 10am to 5pm with lunch 1-2pm, bring a packed lunch or you can find something to eat in St Just.

The course is open to beginners and advanced students.



Spring term T’ai Chi day at Heartlands – Sunday 13th March


A day of Lee style T’ai Chi and Qigong in West Cornwall at Heartlands Community Centre in Pool.

10am to 5pm, lunch 1-2pm.

Price £40.

Beginners are welcome.

Parking for the course is available in the disabled car park near the hall. Drive in to Heartlands via the lower entrance and park here.



Spring term 2016 Tai Chi classes in West Penwith


Our spring term evening classes are starting on Monday 4th January at Helston’s Old Cattle Market Community Hall.

Heartlands spring term classes in Pool start on Wednesday 6th January at the Heartlands Chy An Bobel Community Hall.

Penzance club opens for Feng Shou Kung Fu and Tai Chi evening classes at Bolitho school on Tuesday 12th January,

Beginners are welcome to attend classes at any time during the spring term, you can pay per week and just turn up on the night.

Health and massage summer course

tai chi dance warmup - summer massage course at Boswedden House

The Health and Massage Summer Course will be at Boswedden House from

Monday 10th – Friday 14th August 2015

Bring a towel to lie on and some massage oil. Diseases we will be looking at this week include Osteo-arthritis and Parkinson’s disease.

We will be looking at some typical examples of ways to treat common diseases based on the following principles:

  1. Diet: Chang Ming or Taoist Long Life diet is a time tested approach to nutrition which has been researched by Taoist Masters since before recorded history. The diet is highly effective in boosting the store of ‘Chi’ or life-force within the body and is based around the Taoist principles of respect for Nature. This means eating natural foods which are unprocessed and avoiding any chemical additives and colourings etc as well as cutting down on red meat and dairy products.
  2. Herbal therapy: Herbs are a large part of Chinese Medicine and thousands of herbs have been catalogued over the centuries, each herb can have varying yin or yang effects. We concentrate on Chinese herbs that also grow in the west following the Taoist principle of using locally grown natural medicines.
  3. Meridian massage: Located throughout the body are special pathways through which the life-force flows including eight special meridians which act as storage vessels similar to the streams, rivers and reservoirs which irrigate the landscape. The meridian massage can be used to stimulate or sedate the flow of energy depending on the elemental imbalance and is also a good way to open up the channels to free blockages and improve the smooth flowing of Chi just like the way sap flows in a tree.
  4. Breathing exercises: Deep breathing is essential for stimulating the production of Chi in the lower abdomen but there are also many specific exercises which can not only help with the process of Chi cultivation but also to help build the immune system to prevent a variety of specific common diseases.
  5. Contact thermogenesis: Moxa or Ginger Compress is similar to acupuncture but uses heat to stimulate the energy, the body fluids and the regeneration of body tissues. It is very good for removing stagnation in the system and helps to focus the repair process for example with bruising or injuries.